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The Coalition for Appalachian Ministries (CAM) continues to work towards providing a ministry designed to help strengthen the ministries of the small membership church and raise awareness on environmental and social justice issues throughout the Appalachian area. 

CAM's ministry also helps local crafters market their handmade crafts, providing a source of income for these families and helping to preserve part of the Appalachian culture for future generations.  

The number of lives touched by the ongoing ministry of CAM is difficult to quantify - from the crafter who is empowered to feed their family, to the volunteer who has a life-changing, faith-shaping encounter with the living Christ through a work project in the region.

It is because the need is still great and the ministry so impacting that we invite you to become a partner with us, supporting us in prayer and with financial gifts. Together we can help make a difference in Appalachia.

You can share in the ministry of the Coalition for Appalachian Ministry (CAM) as a “Friend of CAM” or as a “CAM Partner.”

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